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The demand for separate plastic collection is constantly increasing. More and more towns and municipalities are deciding to introduce the collection of household plastics. New collection partners are therefore constantly needed for the "Bring Plastic back" collection bag system. We rely on the regional and local network and are looking for efficient recycling companies. For you as a company, this could be the ideal addition to your range of services.

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The concept of separate household plastic collection fits in with the company's philosophy. The Board of Directors of Vögele Recycling AG is of the opinion that all raw materials should be recycled several times instead of being incinerated once in the waste incineration plant. This also applies to household plastic, which is too good for one-off heat recovery in the incineration plant. Whenever possible, it should be collected and recycled separately.
Roger Vögele Managing Director Vögele Recycling AG
When the system was presented to us by InnoRecycling AG, we were immediately convinced that this idea was sustainable. It was shown very transparently what is possible in the area of plastic recycling, but also what is not yet possible. Because of this openness, we decided to work with "Bring Plastic back". This is because you can see exactly how and where the collected plastic is processed. We quickly realized that nothing was being kept from us, but that a look behind the scenes was also being revealed.
Roger Garo Managing Director Sortec Aarberg AG
InnoRecycling AG had already been our customer for industrial customers' plastics for a long time. When we heard about the possibility of separate collection for household plastics, it was clear to us that we wanted to find out more.
Christoph Linder Managing Director Paul Linder AG
We wanted a partnership with added value for both sides. "Bring Plastic back" is currently the largest provider of separate household plastic collection. In western Switzerland, we need a system that has already been proven to work. We didn't want to get involved in any experiments, but wanted to work with a partner who has experience and expertise in this area.
Heribert Glauser Sales representative and collection bag manager Andrey Group SA
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Three companies under one roof

The InnoGroup comprises the three sister companies InnoRecycling AG, and InnoPlastics AG. They work closely together for a sustainable material cycle with high added value in Switzerland.

  • InnoRecycling AG is the central point of contact for all types of waste disposal goods.
  • is the recycling solution for household plastics under the motto "Bring Plastic back".
  • InnoPlastics AG produces high-quality regranulates from plastic waste.

We make plastic sustainable