From the shelf to the shelf

We enable plastics to live a second, third or fourth life

Many types of packaging are only in circulation for 4 to 6 weeks from production to disposal. Far too short when you consider how much energy and oil was used to produce each individual item of packaging. For this reason, the companies Sammelsack, InnoRecycling AG and InnoPlastics AG work closely together to recycle plastic products several times whenever possible.

Plastic waste

Cups, bottles Foils - Plastic is omnipresent in the household. After use, however, it should not simply be thrown away, as many of the materials are recyclable - Recycling is the magic word.

Household plastics in the collection bag

This is where the collection bag comes into play. Almost all household plastic packaging in the kitchen and bathroom can be collected in the collection bag and recycled.


The plastic mixture is separated into up to 14 different fractions in one of the most modern sorting plants in Europe using near-infrared scanners and compressed air valves.


InnoRecycling AG then ensures that the plastics are sent to specialized recycling companies nearby for further processing.


One of these is InnoPlastics AG, the sister company of InnoRecycling AG. It produces high-quality PE and PP regranulate from plastic waste, which can be recycled again after use.

New packaging made from old plastic

The regranulate is used to produce high-quality packaging. This saves crude oil and uses Swiss resources.

Recycled packaging on the shelf

The packaging made from recycled pellets is now available for purchase in the supermarket. When it is empty, it can be put back into the collection bag for recycling.

Three companies under one roof

The InnoGroup comprises the three sister companies InnoRecycling AG, and InnoPlastics AG. They work closely together for a sustainable material cycle with high added value in Switzerland.

  • InnoRecycling AG is the central point of contact for all types of waste disposal goods.
  • is the recycling solution for household plastics under the motto "Bring Plastic back".
  • InnoPlastics AG produces high-quality regranulates from plastic waste.

We make plastic sustainable