Röger Vögele AG - Collection partner since 2014

Vögele Recycling AG from Chur has been a collection partner of "Bring Plastic back" since 2014 and currently serves four municipalities. In 2021, Vögele Recycling AG collected a total of 136,990 kg of plastic in collection bags.

Why do you offer the collection bag?
The concept of separate household plastic collection fits in with the company philosophy. The Board of Directors of Vögele Recycling AG is of the opinion that all raw materials should be recycled several times instead of being incinerated once in a waste incineration plant. This also applies to household plastic, which is too good for one-off heat recovery in the incineration plant. Whenever possible, it should be collected and recycled separately.

Why did you opt for the "Bring Plastic back" collection system?
When "Bring Plastic back" was launched, we already had a long-standing collaboration with our sister company InnoRecycling AG for other plastic fractions. The collection system was the first known plastic collection system for households and the concept behind it, the competent advice and the marketing presence convinced us.

How did the collaboration with "Bring Plastic back" come about?
InnoRecycling AG approached Vögele Recycling, presented the collection system and asked us to become a collection partner. It was clear to us from the outset that if we were to offer separate plastic collection, it would be with "Bring Plastic back". So we sat down together and quickly realized that a "Bündner Sammelsack" made sense, but that we at Vögele Recycling could not cover the entire canton. Together with "Bring Plastic back", we contacted other recycling companies in the canton of Graubünden to organize a uniform collection with a common collection bag. The other recycling companies collect in their regions and bring the filled collection bags to us in Chur. This means that the collection bags can be collected centrally in the canton of Graubünden and transported for further processing.

What is your experience of working with "Bring Plastic back"?
The collaboration with "Bring Plastic back" is very transparent and very clear right from the start. If we have any questions or uncertainties, we get competent and quick help. We also receive great support from the "Bring Plastic back" project managers when it comes to recruiting new municipalities. Another great thing is the wide range of standardized and personalized advertising materials that can be used to educate the public.

How have your customers reacted?
Since the introduction of the collection bag, we have had consistently positive reactions from private individuals and municipalities. There has been a kind of chain reaction from both municipalities and private individuals. Neighboring municipalities of collecting municipalities often want to introduce the collection as well, as the demand from the population is high due to positive experiences from the neighboring municipality. There are few who don't like the system. We then explain the purpose of separate plastic collection and our company philosophy and are usually able to dispel their concerns. Basically, it can be said that people are happy that their waste is recycled thanks to the collection bag and that they are doing something good for the environment.