Sorting plant

Sorting plant

We place the highest demands on sorting technology. Because this process determines the quality of future recycled plastics and the recycling rate. We are currently working with a sorting plant in Lustenau AT, which is currently the most efficient sorting plant in Europe.

How the sorting works

The collection bags are delivered to the sorting plant, torn open and loosened up. A conveyor belt then transports the contents of the collection bags into a large drum. There, films, bottles and other plastic particles are roughly separated from each other and transported onwards via a complex system of fully automatic belts.
Near-infrared scanners identify the different materials. Compressed air valves then separate them precisely. We currently sort into up to 14 different fractions. Despite this modern technology, a manual check is still carried out to ensure the best possible result. The sorting plant thus achieves a degree of purity of 95 to 98%.


Collection bag Material cycle

How plastic gets a new lease of life

If plastic is collected, sorted and processed correctly, it can be recycled two, three, four or more times. Our film shows how this is ensured with the "Bring Plastic back" collection bag.

Three companies under one roof

The InnoGroup comprises the three sister companies InnoRecycling AG, and InnoPlastics AG. They work closely together for a sustainable material cycle with high added value in Switzerland.

  • InnoRecycling AG is the central point of contact for all types of waste disposal goods.
  • is the recycling solution for household plastics under the motto "Bring Plastic back".
  • InnoPlastics AG produces high-quality regranulates from plastic waste.

We make plastic sustainable