Andrey Group Sa - Collection partner since 2015

Andrey Group SA from Fribourg has been a collection partner of "Bring Plastic back" since 2015 and currently serves eleven municipalities. In 2022, Andrey Group SA collected a total of 114,627 kg of plastic in collection bags.

Why do you offer the collection bag?
It is important to us to offer our customers an alternative to incineration. In our company, we attach great importance to separating and recycling as many recyclable materials as possible. For a long time, there was no way to recycle plastics from private customers and the collection bag has closed this gap.

Why did you opt for the "Bring Plastic back" collection system?
We wanted a partnership with added value for both sides. "Bring Plastic back" is currently the largest provider of separate household plastic collection. We need a system in western Switzerland that has already been proven to work. We didn't want to get involved in any experiments, but wanted to work with a partner who has experience and expertise in this area.

How have your customers reacted?
I have received a lot of good feedback, especially from interested municipalities. They are open to the new offer. And the population is also willing to do something about it. Although it would be easier to simply throw everything in the bin, they buy the extra bags and separate the recyclables at home. And this willingness is increasing. We have many customers who ask for collection bags because they have heard about the offer from friends.

Do you have a special experience with "Bring Plastic back"?
The Andrey Group would like to expand separate plastic collection in French-speaking Switzerland. As a trial, we started a collaboration with a hotel in Geneva some time ago. So I dropped off a few bags. When I was there, there were lots of questions about what these bags were and what they were used for. I was very surprised, as people in French-speaking Switzerland are obviously much less familiar with the principle of separate plastic collection than in German-speaking Switzerland. That was the moment when I realized that we need to step on the gas a lot more in French-speaking Switzerland and do more to raise awareness.

But I've also noticed a change in myself. Since we have the collection bag at the Andrey Group and know the background and processes of the system, my awareness of plastic in the household has changed. When I tell people around me about it, the response is always "Of course you're promoting it - you have to". But when I explain the material cycle to them and what can be saved, they also see the point of separate collection.